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Tank News

Wow, have I gotten lazy with the site. I think it's mostly because I get almost NO donations for the Online Maintenance Log. I do appreciate the few that do donate, a couple almost regularly. Unfortunately, it's not nearly enough to cover ONE month of hosting, let alone the entire year. I'm not sure how much longer I can afford to host this site!!!

I took a new tank pic yesterday, you can see it by following this Link.
I have finally have Highspeed internet access!!! This means the webcam is back ONLINE! Check it out HERE!
I purchased 5 turbos and 5 blue legs yesterday from a LFS. Sorry I havne't been updating the site lately, I haven't been adding anything new to the tank for a while. The tank looks great though! TooTeR has taken to the largest toadstool, and there are a few pics of him hanging out in it.
The largest of my toadstools is splitting. It pinched off at the base, and is almost completely detached. I don't know where the larger peice will attach, I may have to intervein. Here's a link to the image I added to the Picture Section.
My tank is the Featured Tank again at www.nano-reef.com. If you not already a member, be sure to sign up to the Message Boards. They contain the best forums for this hobby.
2 New inhabitants in my tank now. A new Torch & a tiny Blasto frag with 3 little heads. New pictures in the picture coming soon.
I purchased 2 new inhabitants over the holiday weekend. A white Porcelin Crab, these tend to stay out in the open wherever you stick them. I also purchased a small anemone mushroom. It's pretty colorful, doesn't sting, and found a nice home on the left side of my tank. Pictures are on there way.
I lost my Torch a couple weeks ago. It happened suddenly, overnight. I think I'll replace it with a Blasto, as soon as I find a good sized one. Other than that the tank has looked wonderful. I plan on taking some more pictures of everything, as soon as I get back from a business trip.
Sorry to everyone about the lack of updates to my site. I've just been enjoying my summer. The tank looks great, more and more purple coralline encrusting on my rock. I haven't been getting as many emails lately. Please contact me and share your links, comments, or JUST SAY HI!
I bought myself an awesome birthday present, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F707 Digital Camera. All the new pictures will be taken with that badboy from now on!
My tank seems to be EXPLODING with life! Just about everything is splitting. My Emerald Crab has bit the big one, and seems like he was the reason my coralline hasn't been properly encrusting. Hopefully within a few months all my rock is purple and maroon.
I moved my Brown Button Polyps towards the back of the tank, there seems to be less of them now. Hopefully they grow better under less light back there. I put in it's place the Candy Cane. There less current there, so hopefully they grow better too!
I bought about 5 little Neon Green Button Polyp frags last night. There is a new picture of them, in the picture section. For those of you that haven't noticed, there have been many little changes on the Maintenance Log, one major change is that I have added GRAPHING SUPPORT. If you click on the Column Item, it will dynamically generate a Flash Line Graph. Please send me any feedback you may have about any of the changes!
For those of you that use my Maintenance Log, you'll notice a new design for it. It coincides with the newer design of the rest of my site. I hope you like it, I haven't gotten any feedback about it! Please send me ideas of what else I should incorporate into it.
I felt inspired to work on my Maintenance Log today. Picture Upload works again! Be sure to upload lots of pictures to track visual progress of your tanks!
I just won an auction for a TDS meter on eBAY, 22 bux with temp compensation and measures up to 1999 ppm. How can you go wrong. It's NEW too. She's got like another 100 in an auction right now too. Check it out!
I added a few more corals today. I bought a Green Mushroom & I also bought 2 Bi-color Ricordias. They are purplish in the middle and orangish on the outside. One has two mouths and is ready to split!
I added about another pound of live rock, last week, to my tank to help seed my tank some more. I am working on the new design everyday now. Check back for changes!
I got another TINY pair of Percula Clowns yesterday! And yes, I named them... CooTeR & TooTer! I also sorta brought the webcam back... It will be up whenever I'm dialed up into the internet. It will be SLOW, but it's back on...
Finished my DYI Auto Top-off Unit today. It utilizes a presure sensitive switch, that turns a pump on and pumps fresh RO/DI water into the tank. I also installed a true 13 watt Actinic 03 Bulb. Check out the Picture section for a new pic of my Cinnamon Polyps!
I bought even MORE stuff the last couple days! I added some Cinnamon Polyps, a cool Purple and Red Mushroom, and an Emerald Crab I named Emeril (BAM!) I also have a 100 GPD RO/DI that I bought online at Aquatic Reef Systems. Bryan is a great guy, and I Highly recommend his RO/DI Units. He also has lots of cool meters and gizmos on his site.