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Aquatic Reef Systems
I purchased my 100 GPD RO/DI unit from here. The owner Bryan is a great guy. He was very helpful with some problems I was having with my unit. He has many gizmos on his site as well, including digital meters. I highly recommend his products to everyone!
Custom Aquatic
Great Online Store with many Aquatic Supplies. I found 13 watt Actinic 03 bulbs on there site.
Fish Base
Great online resource for looking up thousands of fish species by common name or scientific name. Database includes photos and detailed fish information.
Flying Fish Express
This Online Store has very good prices on Fish, Corals, Live Rock & Live Sand. They also have a arrive alive guarantee.
This is where I purchased my Rock and 1st corals from. If you like looking at Great Macro shots of corals, Check them out.
Hitchhiker FAQ
This is a pretty incomplete Hitchhiker page. This is the only one I've come across. If you know of a better one, email me and I'll check it out.
Gulf View Marine
This is Online Store has the best Live Rock you can ever imagine. They have several different types that are just completely covered with life.
The is the best source for Nano Reef Information. The message boards are extremely active, the Chat is very informative, and is a great place to showcase your tank for all to see!
Pet Solutions
Great Online Store, with many aquarium supplies & great prices. I have purchased pumps & test kits from them.
Quick-and-Dirty Unit Conversions for Fish People
Excellent utility to help you do those annoying conversions when adding supplements to your tank. (Right Click and choose "Save Target As")
Saltwater Organism Database
Database of saltwater organism. Shows different requirements and difficulty levels for many corals and other organisms.
Reef Aquarium Guide
This is an excellent aquarium, dedicated to the reef aqaurium hobby. It includes DIY information, Forums, Links & Great information for beginners and experts as well.
Simplified Reef Keeping
Simplified Reef Keeping is the first clearly-explained guide to reef keeping. With 306 pages detailing the direct approach to a rewarding, successful reef tank.
This is where I purchased my Liquid Level Control Switch for my DIY auto top-off system.